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The Gathering, Part II

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(NBC, 12/17/1979, 120 mins). Maureen Stapleton re-creates her Emmy-nominated role of Kate Thornton in this continuation of the movie that was the Emmy-winning drama special of the 1977-78 season. Although Ed Asner, the loving husband who died in the original, was not around, his photo is on prominent display in the family living room to remind everyone about the original as his widow, who has taken over his business, becomes romantically involved with handsome industrialist Efrem Zimbalist Jr., who wants to buy her out. (Zimbalist’s actress daughter Stephanie was in the original that premiered on ABC. This sequel was first shown on NBC.)

Production Company Hanna-Barbera Productions. Director Charles S. Dubin. Executive Producer Joseph Barbera. Producer Joel Rogosin. Teleplay Harry Longstreet, Renée Longstreet. Photography Robert E. Collins. Music Robert Prince. Editors Gregory Prange, Scott C. Eyler. Art Director Dale Koeppe. Associate Producer Huw Davies.

Cast Maureen Stapleton (Kate Thornton), Rebecca Balding (Julie), Patricia Conwell (Toni), Bruce Davison (George), Veronica Hamel (Helen), Jameson Parker (Bud), Lawrence Pressman (Tom), Efrem Zimbalist Jr. (Victor Wainwright), Dennis Howard (Aaron), Jessica Hill (Tiffany), John Ine (Joey), Norman Goodman (Lee Rifkind), Anita Sangiolo (Lucille Rifkind), Naomi Thornton (Dr. Ellis), Edward C Higgins (Guard), Rose Weaver (Mary), Father Frank Toste (Priest).

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