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Gemini Man

robert producer series productions

(NBC, 5/10/1976, 120 mins). In this recycling of the unsuccessful TV series “The Invisible Man,” a brash special agent finds himself capable of invisibility from the aftereffects of an underwater explosion during a government salvage operation, and he uses his newfound “talent” to prove the incident was sabotage. Unfortunately, his invisibility is a transient affliction, and he must do his out-of-sight undercover work in a specified time. This pilot also spawned a brief series during the 1976-77 season. Subsequently cut to 90 minutes and retitled “Code Name: Minus One.”

Production Companies Harve Bennett Productions, Universal Television, NBC Productions. Director Alan J. Levi. Executive Producer Harve Bennett. Producer Robert F. O’Neill. Teleplay Leslie Stevens. Adapted from the novel “The Invisible Man” by H.G. Wells. Photography Enzo A. Martinelli. Music Billy Goldenberg. Editor Robert F. Shugrue. Art Director David Marshall.

Cast Ben Murphy (Sam Casey), Katherine Crawford (Dr. Abby Lawrence), Richard Dysart (Leonard Driscoll), Dana Elcar (Dr. Harold Schuyler), Paul Shenar (Charles Edward Royce), Quinn Redeker (Vince Rogers), H.M. Wynant (Captain Ballard), Len Wayland (Captain Whelan), Cheryl Miller (Receptionist), Richard Kennedy (CHP officer), Robert Forward (Chief controller), Dave Shelley (Mechanic), Gregory Walcott, Austin Stoker, Jim Raymond, Michael Lane.

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