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Genesis II

roddenberry harry movie director

(CBS, 3/23/1973, 90 mins). A sci-fi fantasy from the creator of “Star Trek,” Gene Roddenberry. Hoping to duplicate its success, this movie focuses on a twentieth-century NASA scientist who finds himself in a futuristic society after being preserved in suspended animation. It was reworked in 1974 as the TV movie “Planet Earth.”

Production Companies Norway Productions, Warner Bros. Television. Director John Llewellyn Moxey. Producer Gene Roddenberry. Teleplay Gene Roddenberry. Photography Gerald Perry Finnerman. Music Harry Sukman. Editor George Watters. Art Director Hilyard Brown.

Cast Alex Cord (Dylan Hunt), Mariette Hartley (Lyra-a), Ted Cassidy (Isiah), Percy Rodrigues (Isaac Kimbridge), Harvey Jason (Singh), Titos Vandis (Yoloff), Linda Grant (Astrid), Majel Barrett (Primus), Tom Pace (Brian), Leon Askin (Overseer), Liam Dunn (Janus), Lynne Marta (Harper-Smythe), Harry Raybould (Slan-u), Beulah Quo (Lu-Chan), Ray Young (Tyranian teacher), Ed Ashley (Weh-r), Dennis Young (General), Robert Hathaway (Shuttle car dispatcher), Bill Striglos (Dr. Kellum), David Westburg (Station operator), Tammi Bula (Teenager), Terry Wills (Cardiologist), Didi Conn (TV actress).

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