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Getting Married

director carboni lawrence phil

(CBS, 5/17/1978, 120 mins). Romantic fluff about an aspiring young songwriter who works in a TV newsroom as an assistant director, and the girl, the station’s attractive newscaster, he decides he is going to marry, despite her own plans to wed somebody else in less than a week.

Production Companies Moonlight Productions, Paramount Network Television. Director Steven Hilliard Stern. Producers Frank von Zerneck, Robert Greenwald. Teleplay John Hudock. Photography Howard R. Schwartz. Music Craig Safan. Song “Now That I’ve Found You” by John Hudock. Editor Kurt Kirschler. Art Director Daniel A. Lomino.

Cast Richard Thomas (Michael Carboni), Bess Armstrong (Kristy Lawrence), Dena Dietrich (Sylvia Carboni), Fabian Forte (Wayne Spanka), Mark Harmon (Howie Lesser), Katherine Helmond (Vera Lesser), Van Johnson (Phil Lawrence), Mimi Kennedy (Jenny), Audra Lindley (Catherine Lawrence), Julie Mannix (Paula), Vic Tayback (Burt Carboni), Richard Deacon (Wedding director), Bryan O’Byrne (First minister), Claude Stroud (Sam Harris), Mark Lenard (Mr. Bloom), Iris Adrian (Neighbor), Jerome Guardino (Uncle Max), Barney Morris (Hugh Sandler), Ken Medlock (Phil Granetti), Ann Ryerson (Telegram girl), Jeanne Bates (Divorced woman), Tony Matranga (Guard), Guy Remsen (Policeman).

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