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The Ghost of Flight 401

howard john emmet book

(NBC, 2/18/1978, 120 mins). A supernatural mystery, based on John G. Fuller’s 1976 book, involving an actual plane crash in December 1972 in the Florida Everglades and the subsequent legend growing from it about the recurring presence on other flights of the ghostly figure of its captain. For his photography, Howard R. Schwartz won an Emmy Award nomination.

Production Companies Emmet G. Lavery Jr. Productions, Paramount Network Television. Director Steven Hilliard Stern. Producer Emmet G. Lavery Jr. Teleplay Robert Malcolm. Based on a Book by John G. Fuller. Photography Howard R. Schwartz. Music David Raksin. Editor Harry Keller. Art Director Daniel A. Lomino.

Cast Ernest Borgnine (Dom Cimoli), Gary Lockwood (Jordan Evanhower), Tina Chen (Val), Kim Basinger (Prissy Frazier), Tom Clancy (Dutch), Howard Hesseman (Bert Stockwell), Russell Johnson (Loft), Robert F. Lyons (Bill Bowdish), Allan Miller (Les Garrick), Alan Oppenheimer (Barton), Carol Eve Rossen (Maria Cimoli), Eugene Roche (Matt Andrews), Beverly Todd (Dana), Angela Clarke (Mrs. Collura), John Quade (Marshall), Mark L. Taylor (Ron Smith), Byron Morrow (Bailey), Lynn Wood (Dr.Rosen), Anna Mathias (Cindy), Deborah Harmon (Mary Smith), Meeno Peluce (Billy), Ted Hartley (Rogers), Gordon Connell (Ross), Kerrie Cullen (Michelle), Margie Gordon (Didi), Missy Francis (Kid), Luis Avalos (Perez).

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