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Gidget Grows Up

frederick based john karen

(ABC, 12/30/1969, 90 mins). In the fourth “Gidget” movie (the first made for television), our heroine here played by Karen Valentine has given up surfing off California to become a UN guide in Manhattan and carry on a long-distance romance with her childhood sweetheart, now an Air Force officer in Greenland. Based on Frederick Kohner’s novel “Gidget Goes to New York.”

Production Companies Screen Gems, Columbia Pictures Television. Director James Sheldon. Producer Jerome Courtland. Teleplay John McGreevey. Based on a Novel by Frederick Kohner. Photography John M. Stephens. Music Shorty Rogers. Editor Aaron Nibley. Art Directors Howard Campbell, Ross Bellah.

Cast Karen Valentine (Gidget Lawrence), Edward Mulhare (Alex MacLaughlin), Paul Peterson (Jeff “Moondoggie” Griffin), Paul Lynde (Louis B. Lattimer), Bob Cummings (Russell Lawrence), Nina Foch (Bibi Crosby), Warner Anderson (Ambassador Post), Susan Batson (Diana), Hal Frederick (Lee), Michael Lembeck (Arnold), Gunilla Knudsen (Katrine), Doreen Lang (Mrs. Willard), Margot Jane (Rae Ellen), Donald Symington (Clerk), Harlan Carraher (Ben), Helen Funai (Minnie), Mario Aniov (Abdul), Davis Roberts, Cynthia Lynn, Leo G. Morrell, Lloyd Kino, Hugo Bianqui.

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