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The Gift

pete ford harris frank

(CBS, 12/15/1979, 120 mins). Pete Hamill’s 1973 novel about a young Brooklyn man (Gary Frank) home on Christmas leave from the Navy in the early ’50s for a nostalgic visit to his boyhood world. Glenn Ford is his hard drinking, one-legged Irish father; Julie Harris his supportive dreamer of a mother. Ford and Harris previously co starred as husband and wife in the similarly titled 1974 TV movie, “The Greatest Gift,” which spawned the brief series, “The Family Holvak.”

Production Companies The Jozak Company, Cypress Point Productions, Paramount Network Television. Director Don Taylor. Executive Producer Gerald W Abrams. Producer Joel Rogosin. Teleplay Robert Malloy. Based on the Novel by Pete Hamill. Photography Robert E. Collins. Music George Aliceson Tipton. Editors Gregory Prange, John Farrell. Art Director Charles Hughes. Associate Producer Huw Davies.

Cast Gary Frank (Pete Devlin), Julie Harris (Anne Devlin), Allison Argo (Kathleen), Glenn Ford (Billy Devlin), Maggie Cooper (Betty), Tom Clancy (Richie Grennan), Harry Gold (Griffin), Kevin Bacon (Teddy), M. Emmet Walsh (Legion commander), Phillip Pine (Boop), Mitchell Group (Sal), Lewis Charles (Izzy), Antony Ponzini (Patsy), Jane Hoffman (Mrs. Crowley), K.C. Martel (John), Matt Russo (Grifter), Bryan Scott (Scott), George Arden (Bus driver), Pat Corley (Brick), Lucas Andreas (1st ironworker), Ed Max (Mr. Bacon), Bob O’Connell (George), Jerry Machen (Eddie Riggs), David Cole, Donal O’Brien, Frank Conn, Nicholas Mele, Art Kassul, Ray Guth, Don Stark, Jon Reigrod.

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