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The Gift of Love

osmond ball henry fred

(ABC, 12/8/1978, 120 mins). Marie Osmond made her dramatic acting debut playing a poor little rich girl who loses her heart to a penniless immigrant in New York of the Gay ’90s in this variation of “The Gift of the Magi,” the O. Henry tale that has the young woman cutting and selling her long hair to buy a watch fob for her husband who secretly has sold his priceless watch to buy a set of jeweled combs for his wife—all of which, naturally, happens in the final minutes of this film.

Production Company Osmond Television Productions. Director Don Chaffey. Executive Producers Osmond Brothers, Toby Martin. Producer Mitchell Brower. Teleplay Caryl Ledner. Based on a Story by O Henry. Photography Charles F. Wheeler. Music Fred Karlin. Songs by Fred Karlin. Song “You’ll Have Mine” by Norman Gimbel. Editors John C. Horger, Michael Karr. Art Director Hilyard Brown. Associate Producer William Ross..

Cast Marie Osmond (Beth Atherton), Timothy Bottoms (Rudi Miller), Bethel Leslie (Agnes), June Lockhart (Constance Schuyler), Donald Moffat (William Schuyler), David Wayne (O. Henry/narrator), James Woods (Alfred Browning), Sondra West (Mary O’Halloran), Robert Peirce (Franz Hollner), Fred Stuthman (Griggs), Peggy Rea (Mrs. Mooney), Anne Ramsay (Maeve O’Halloran), Arthur Malet (Emcee at ball), Hedley Mattingly (Jewelry salesman), Jason Yowell (Young man at ball), Christian Gray (Fat man at ball), Glenn Robards (Dancer at ball), Lane Davies (Browning servant), Sara Benoit (Liesl’s mother), Sandy Martin (Jan’s mother), John Hart (Justice of the Peace), Ray Duke (Hack driver), John LaMotta (Vendor).

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