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The Girl in the Empty Grave

alden griffith deputy series

(NBC, 9/20/1977, 120 mins). In this pilot film for a series about a small town police chief, an investigation is launched after a girl, believed to have died months earlier, turns up at the funeral of her murdered parents. In search of a successful follow-up series to “The Andy Griffith Show,” Griffith played his familiar homespun law enforcer, this time without laughs, and without a series. Originally titled “Abel.”

Production Companies MGM Television, NBC Productions. Director Lou Antonio. Executive Producer Richard O. Linke. Producers Gordon A. Webb, Lane Slate. Teleplay Lane Slate. Photography Gayne Rescher. Music Mundell Lowe. Editor Gary Griffen. Art Director Leon R. Harris.

Cast Andy Griffith (Abel Marsh), Jonathan Banks (Courtland Gates), James Cromwell (Deputy Malcolm), Mitzi Hoag (Gloria), Claude Earl Jones (Deputy Fred), George Gaynes (David Alden), Byron Morrow (MacAlwee), Mary-Robin Redd (Gilda), Robert F. Simon (Jedediah Partridge), Sharon Spelman (Doc), Leonard Stone (Harry), Hunter Von Leer (Deputy John), Edward Winter (Dr. Peter Cabe), Kathleen Clarke (Betty), Eddie Foy Jr. (Carter), Don Keefer (Sylvester Dean), Bill McLean (Whit), Jenny Neumann (Susie), Sybil Scotford (Mrs. Alden), Dick Sondergaard (Willie), Deborah White (Elizabeth Alden).

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