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The Girls of Huntington House

producer spacek mary elfman

(ABC, 2/14/1973, 90 mins). An unmarried teacher (Shirley Jones) in a school for unwed mothers including a young Sissy Spacek finds herself increasingly drawn to her students’ problems, leading to a deep emotional crisis. Adapted from the 1972 novel by Blossom Elfman.

Production Company Lorimar Productions. Director Alf Kjellin. Executive Producer Lee Rich. Producer Robert L. Jacks. Teleplay Paul Savage. Based on the Novel by Blossom Elfman. Photography Andrew Jackson. Music Tom Scott. Song written and performed by Paul Williams. Editor Gene Fowler Jr., Marjorie Fowler. Art Director Ed Graves. Associate Producer Neil T. Maffeo.

Cast Shirley Jones (Anne Baldwin), Mercedes McCambridge (Doris McKenzie), Pamela Sue Martin (Gail Dorn), William Windom (Sam Dutton), Sissy Spacek (Sara), Nancy Malone (Sara’s Mother), Debbie Dozier (Mary Lou), Marilyn Fox (Cookie), Barbara Mallory (Marilyn), Helen Page Camp (Nurse Caulfield), Carmen Zapata (Miss Rodriguez), Darrell Larson (Sandy), Bonnie Van Dyke (Baby), Tina Andrews (Tina), Mary Maldenado (Wanda), Damon Douglas (Harold), Scottie MacGregor (Rose Beckwith), Ruth Warshawsky (Mrs. Conover), Dolores Dorn (Gail’s Mother), Noble Willingham (Harry [Sara’s father]), Queenie Smith (Agnes Swenton), Carol Speed (Marlene), Stephanie Hayes (Betty).

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