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Go Ask Alice

michael charles producer joel

(ABC, 1/24/1973, 90 mins). A drama based on the actual diary of a teenage girl caught in a web of drug addiction who, with the help of her family and true friends, desperately tries to fight her way back to the real world after a bad LSD trip.

Production Company Metromedia Producers Corp. Director John Korty. Executive Producer Charles Fries. Producer Gerald I. Isenberg. Teleplay Ellen M. Violett. Photography Earl Rath. Music Bill Schnee, Joel Sill, Michael Omartian. Editor Henry Berman. Art Director Rodger Maus.

Cast Jamie Smith-Jackson (Alice), William Shatner (Sam), Ruth Roman (Psychiatrist), Wendell Burton (Joel Clements), Julie Adams (Dorothy), Andy Griffith (Priest), Ayn Ruyman (Jan), Mimi Saffian (Beth Bonds), Jennifer Edwards (Chris), Daniel Michael Mann (Richie), Michael Morgan (Tim), Jeanne Avery (Jean), Frederick Herrick (Ted), Robert Carradine (Bill), Gary Marsh (Tom), Mackenzie Phillips (Doris), Al Checco (Male sadist), Brenda Thompson (Female sadist), Charles Martin Smith (Jim), Michael Moore (Bud), Barbara Mallory (Marie), Michael Freeman, Richard Alleman, Elizabeth Jill Guber.

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