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Go West, Young Girl!

immel katleman jerrold george

(ABC, 4/27/1978, 120 mins). A lighthearted Western about a peppery New England lady who goes west to seek her fortune by writing of her experiences, and the attractive widow of a cavalry officer, both of whom go in search of Billy the Kid, teaming up to outwit gamblers, bounty hunters, and rough-and-tumble lawmen.

Production Companies Bennett-Katleman Productions, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Alan J. Levi. Executive Producers Harris Katleman, Harve Bennett. Producer George Yanok. Teleplay George Yanok. Photography Gerald Perry Finnerman. Music Jerrold Immel. Theme song by Jerrold Immel, John Stewart. Editors Ronald LaVine, Sam Vitale. Art Director Ross Bellah.

Cast Karen Valentine (Netty Booth), Sandra Will (Gilda Corin), Stuart Whitman (Deputy Shreeve), Richard Jaeckel (Billy), Michael Bell (Nestor), Cal Bellini (Chato), David Dukes (Reverend Crane), Charles Frank (Captain Anson), Richard Kelton (Griff), William Larsen (Fanchon), John Quade (Ingalls), Gregg Palmer (Payne), Pepe Callahan (Librado), Mark Pinter (Lieutenant), Arnold P. Jefries (Sergeant Helms).

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