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Gold of the Amazon Women

warrior reynolds cage ross

(NBC, 3/6/1979, 120 mins). Two fortune hunters searching for treasure in the South American jungles stumble upon a primitive society of statuesque women, descendants of a legendary warrior tribe, who follow the pair back to present-day Manhattan. Anita Ekberg, screen sex queen of the 1950s, returned to moviemaking in this one after many years out of the limelight.

Production Companies MI-KA Productions, NBC Productions. Director Mark L. Lester. Executive Producer Stanley Ralph Ross. Producer Alfredo Leone. Teleplay Sue Donem. Photography David Quaid. Music Gil Melle. Editor Michael A. Luciano. Art Director Karl Hueglin.

Cast Bo Svenson (Tom Jensen), Anita Ekberg (Queen Na-Eela), Donald Pleasence (Clarence Blasko), Richard Romanus (Luis Rodriguez), Robert Minor (Noboro), Maggie Jean Smith (Reina), Bond Gideon (Taimi), Susan E Miller (Oriana), Yasmine (Lee-Leeo), Mary Peters (Polani), Ian Edward (Heintz Ginther), Sarita Butterfield (Barari), Charles Reynolds (Jorn Abramson), John Anthony Sarno (Leonard Reynolds), Carl Low (Frederick Reynolds), Fred Berhoff (Man in cage), Joseph Gilbert (Man in cage), Robert Ross (Man in cage), Chere Bryson (Amazon Warrior), Ann Chatterton (Amazon Warrior), Sharon Foust (Amazon Warrior), Tara Gordon (Amazon Warrior), Kaarin Hall (Amazon Warrior), Ann Marie Hollander (Amazon Warrior), Betty Hudson (Amazon Warrior), Elyse Josef (Amazon Warrior), Olie Karlsson (Amazon Warrior), Chris MacLeod (Amazon Warrior), D’Lee Magness (Amazon Warrior), Lisa McMillan (Amazon Warrior), Faith Minton (Amazon Warrior), Deborah Lynn Nagy (Amazon Warrior), Linda Redford (Amazon Warrior), Sandra Voris (Amazon Warrior), Melanie Winter (Amazon Warrior), The Julie Edwards Dancers (Themselves), Holly Betaudier, Wilbert Holder, Kathleen Leone, John Marchesella, Hamilton Perris.

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