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Goldie and the Boxer

producer miller david production

(NBC, 12/30/1979, 120 mins). Lighthearted tale of a 10 year old girl who, when her boxer father dies, strikes up a relationship with a struggling fighter who was his sparring partner and takes on the job of managing him from obscurity to the championship. The first project for star O.J. Simpson’s own production company, it spawned a sequel that premiered a year later.

Production Companies Orenthal Productions, Columbia Pictures Television. Director David Miller. Executive Producer O.J. Simpson. Producer Hugh Benson. Supervising Producer Dan Mark. Teleplay David Debin, Douglas Schwartz. Photography Isidore Mankofsky. Music Jimmie Haskell. Editor J. Terry Williams. Art Directors Jack F. DeShields, Ross Bellah. Costumes Grady Hunt.

Cast O.J. Simpson (Joe Gallagher), Vincent Gardenia (Sam Diamond), Ned Glass (Al Levinsky), Gordon Jump (Alex Miller), Madlyn Rhue (Marsha Miller), Phil Silvers (Wally), Annazette Chase (Anne Bennington), Melissa Michaelsen (Goldie Kellog), Fran Ryan (Ethel), Judy Landers (Bonnie Dare), Claude Earl Jones (Willie), Larry Levine (Matty), John Roselius (Paul Kellog), Don ‘Red’ Barry (Radio announcer), Matthew Tobin (Minister), Tim Rossovich (Billy Buck), Gene Lebell (Vinnie), Walter Wyatt (Boxcar man), Daniel Chodos (Italian announcer), Napoleon Whiting (Helper).

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