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Goodnight, My Love

james peter michael lou

(ABC, 10/17/1972, 90 mins). This private eye spoof has a seedy, down-and-out detective and his partner, an erudite dwarf, being drawn by a voluptuous blonde into a missing persons cases leading to murder in the seamy underworld of 1946 Los Angeles.

Production Company ABC Circle Films. Director Peter Hyams. Producer Ward Sylvester. Teleplay Peter Hyams. Photography Earl Rath. Music Harry Betts. Editor James Mitchell. Art Director Peter M. Wooley. Makeup William Tuttle.

Cast Richard Boone (Frank Hogan), Michael Dunn (Arthur Boyle), Barbara Bain (Susan Lakely), Victor Buono (Julius Limeway), Gianni Russo (Michael Tarlow), John Quade (Edgar), Walter Burke (Wheezer), Lou Wagner (Sally), Lou Cutell (Sidney), John Lawrence (Reardon), Jan Daley (Nightclub singer), Lucas Andreas (Nightman), Don Calfa (Bananas), Vic Vallardo (Courier), Carl Rizeo (Eddie), Bobby Baum (Benny), Tim Herbert (Sam), George Brenlin (Barney), Sylvia J. Habush (Annie), Paul ‘Mousie’ Garner (Harry), James Espinosa (Manuel), Larry Gorodkin (Parking lot attendant), Lomax Study (Maitre d’), Ron Boutwell (Pool player), Newton Mitzman (Droopy), Bob Corso (Charlie), James Nusser (Night clerk).

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