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The Great Ice Rip-Off

curtis bill bus dan

(ABC, 11/6/1974, 90 mins). A heist comedy pitting a dogged retired cop against a dapper gangster and his cohorts who, with four million dollars indiamonds in their possession, use a cross-country bus to make their getaway.

Production Companies Dan Curtis Productions, ABC Circle Films. Director Dan Curtis. Producer Dan Curtis. Teleplay Andrew Peter Marin. Photography Paul Lohmann. Music Bob Cobert. Editor Richard A. Harris. Art Director Bill Malley. Associate Producer Robert L. Singer.

Cast Lee J. Cobb (Willy Calso), Gig Young (Harkey Rollins), Grayson Hall (Helen Calso), Robert Walden (Checker), Matt Clark (Georgie), Geoffrey Lewis (Archie), Hank Garrett (Sam), Bill Smillie (Cab driver), Orin Cannon (Boat proprietor), Norman Honath (Bus driver), Jerry August (Thompson), Edgar Daniels (Bus official), Jason Dunn (Peterson), Al Hansen (Highway officer), John Hart (Klein salesman), Marcia Lewis (Mrs. Gilmore), Robert Nadder (Desk clerk), Allan Byrns (Cop with pickpocket), Basil Hoffman (Richards), Bill Martel (Insomniac), Ginger Mason (Girl at hotel), Paul Pepper (Pickpocket), Frank Ventgen (Stein).

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