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The Greatest Thing That Almost Happened

david bird jimmie morris

(CBS, 10/26/1977, 120 mins). In the 1950s, a real-life teenage athlete (comedian Jimmie Walker in a rare dramatic role) learns that he has leukemia, and his winning spirit is threatened as he faces a major basketball tournament just before Christmas, while his dad’s struggle to maintain his own self-respect often blinds him to his son’s emotional needs. Based on the novel by Don Robinson.

Production Companies Crestview Productions, Charles Fries Productions. Director Gilbert Moses. Executive Producers Charles Fries, Malcolm Stuart. Producer Herbert Hirschman. Teleplay Peter S. Beagle. Based on the Novel by Don Robertson. Photography Joseph M. Wilcots. Music David Shire. Editor David Newhouse. Art Director Bill Ross. Associate Producer Tony Ganz.

Cast Jimmie Walker (Morris Bird III), James Earl Jones (Morris Bird Jr.), Deborah Allen (Julie Sutton), Tamu (Sandra Bird), Valerie Curtin (Miss Goldfarb), Kevin Hooks (Hoover Sissle), Sorrell Booke (Samuelson), William Traylor (Coach), Darrell Zwerling (Dr. Brimson), Sam Laws (Horton), Harry Caesar (Bonner), Saundra Sharp (Aunt Edythe), David Rini, Kathy O’Dare, Hilda Haynes, Royce Wallace, Steve Doubet, Anson Downes, Daniel Tamm, Brian Kerwin, Ned Gill, Betty Aberlin, Kathryn Jackson, Murray Rubin, Amy Joyce, Abigail Shelton, Robert Reese, David Tyre.

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