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Griffin and Phoenix

george john paul abc

(ABC, 2/27/1976, 120 mins). Two lonely people, both terminally ill, have a short-lived love affair, sharing a series of adventures in which they live out their childhood dreams. This film was called “Today Is Forever” for its theatrical showings overseas. Richard C. Glouner won an Emmy Award nomination for his cinematography.

Production Companies Danny Thomas Productions, ABC Circle Films. Director Daryl Duke. Executive Producer Paul Witt. Producer Tony Thomas. Teleplay John Hill. Photography Richard C. Glouner. Music George Aliceson Tipton. Song written and performed by Paul Williams. Editor O. Nicholas Brown. Art Director Bill Malley. Associate Producers David M Shapiro, Judith Craig Marlin.

Cast Peter Falk (Geoffrey Griffin), Jill Clayburgh (Sarah Phoenix), Dorothy Tristan (Jean Griffin), John Lehne (George Griffin), George Chandler (Old Man), John Harkins (Dr. Glenn), Milton Parsons (Professor), Irwin Charone (Dr. Thompson), Ben Hammer (Dr. Feinberg), Randy Faustino (Randy Griffin), Stephen Rogers (Bob Griffin), Sally Kirkland (Jody), Ken Sansom (Dr. Harding), Rod Hasse (Usher), Caroline Yablans, Russell Shannon.

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