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Guilty or Innocent: The Sam Sheppard Murder Case

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(NBC, 11/17/1975, 180 mins). Drama chronicling the headline making murder case involving Dr. Sam Sheppard, the Cleveland osteopathic surgeon, convicted of the July 4, 1954, slaying of his wife Marilyn, the 10 years he spent in prison, and his subsequent life until his death in 1970.

Production Companies Universal Television, NBC Productions. Director Robert Michael Lewis. Executive Producer Harve Bennett. Producer Harold Gast. Teleplay Harold Gast. Based on a Story by Louis Rudolph. Photography Stevan Larner. Music Lalo Schifrin. Editor Robert F. Shugrue. Art Director William L. Campbell.

Cast George Peppard (Dr. Sam Sheppard), Barnard Hughes (Attorney Philip J. Madden), Walter McGinn (F. Lee Bailey), William Windom (Walt Adamson), Nina Van Pallandt (Ilse Brandt), George Murdock (Prosecutor Simons), John Crawford (Fred Stoner), John Carter (Jack), John Harkins (Medical examiner), Claudette Nevins (Marilyn Sheppard), William Dozier (Dr. Richard Sheppard Sr.), Jack Knight (Detective Moore), Paul Fix (Supreme Court Justice), Russell Thorson (Judge Edwards), James Whitmore Jr. (Jerry Wyman), Paul Lambert (Reporter Benson), Michael Richardson (Assistant Prosecutor Schwab), Hank Brandt (Dr. Richard Sheppard Jr.), Michael Keep (Chuck Blackett), Jerry Hardin (Chief Ed Kern), Chuck Bergansky (Vinnie Germansky), Alan Dexter (Reporter Parr), Gene Dynarski (George Fenner), Shelby Leverington (Alicia Bell), Laurence Haddon (Chaplain Gilly), William Flatley (Reporter Laffler), Sandra de Bruin (Reporter Wilma Thompson), James O’Reare (Dr. James Luden), Paul Kent, Katherine Crawford, William Sylvester, Stewart Moss, Charlotte Moore, Smith Evans.

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