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The Hanged Man (ABC, 3/13/1974, 90 mins)

gault steve campos john

(ABC, 3/13/1974, 90 mins). An ex-gunslinger who survives his own hanging turns into a mystical avenger fighting for justice in the Old West, coming first to the help of a young widow who is trying to keep her silver mine from the clutches of an unscrupulous land baron.

Production Companies Fenady Associates, Bing Crosby Productions. Director Michael Caffey. Producer Andrew J. Fenady. Teleplay Ken Trevey. Photography Keith C Smith. Music Richard Markowitz. Editor Nick Archer. Art Director Cary Odell.

Cast Steve Forrest (James Devlin), Cameron Mitchell (Lew Halleck), Sharon Acker (Carrie Gault), Dean Jagger (Josiah Lowe), Will Geer (Nameless), Barbara Luna (Soledad Villegas), Rafael Campos (Campos), Brendon Boone (Billy Irons), Bobby Eilbacher (Benjamin Gault), Ray Teal (Judge Homer Bayne), Steve Marlo (Joe Janney), John Mitchum (Eubie Turpin), William Bryant (Dr. Lawrence Nye), Hank Worden (Ab Wickes), John Pickard (Ed Culbertson), Michael Masters (Deputy Sheriff), Bill Catching (Executioner), Peter J. Elkington (Constable), Danny Zapien (Jailer), Jud McCabe (Stranger), Ralph Anderson (Executioner’s helper).

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