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Happily Ever After

somers producer production suzanne

(CBS, 9/5/1978, 120 mins). Suzanne Somers appears in her first TV starring role in this romantic comedy about an aspiring singer torn between making the most of her one chance at fame in Las Vegas or giving her heart to a love-struck mountain man.

Production Companies Hamel-Somers Productions, A Whitaker Production, Tri-Mark Media III Inc. Director Robert Scheerer. Executive Producer Philip Barry. Producer Robert Lovenheim. Teleplay Garry Michael White. Photography Edward R. Brown. Music Peter Matz. Song “You Made a Believer Out of Me” by Bobby Gosh. Song performed by John Rubinstein, Suzanne Somers. Editor Larry Heath. Production Designer Stan Jolley. Associate Producer Stan Jolley. Special Music Material Mitzie Welch.

Cast Suzanne Somers (Mattie Wilson), Bruce Boxleitner (Jack Gregory), Eric Braeden (Ross Ford), John Rubinstein (Richy Johnson), William Lucking (Lewis Gordon), Ron Hayes (Construction boss), Arch Johnson (Del Gregory), Al Checco (Reverend Hale), Patsy Garrett (Mrs. Hale), William Lanteau (Tennis court manager), Gloria Manners (Jenny Wilson), Reno Nichols (Dealer), Billy Snyder (Al), Ed King Cross (Hotel clerk), Charles Bracy (Policeman), Steve Eastin (1st workman), Bill Cross (2nd workman), Scott Sachs (Young man).

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