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The Hatfields and the McCoys

producer jack palance jim

(ABC, 1/15/1975, 90 mins). A retelling of the most famous feud in American history, the fabled mountain war between the Hatfields and the McCoys, covered previously in Samuel Goldwyn’s “Roseanna McCoy” (1949). Jack Palance is remarkably subdued as the pipe-smoking Hatfield patriarch, with his ex wife Virginia Baker and his daughter Brooke as members of the clan.

Production Companies Charles Fries Productions, Alpine Productions, Worldvision Enterprises. Director Clyde Ware. Executive Producer Charles Fries. Producer George Edwards. Teleplay Clyde Ware. Photography Fred Jackman. Music Ken Lauber. Editor Nick Archer. Art Director Tom Rasmussen. Associate Producer Tony Ganz.

Cast Jack Palance (Devil Anse Hatfield), Steve Forrest (Randall McCoy), Richard Hatch (Jonse Hatfield), Karen Lamm (Rose Ann McCoy), James Keach (Jim McCoy), John Calvin (CottonTop), Robert Carradine (Bob Hatfield), Gerrit Graham (Calvin McCoy), Morgan Woodward (Ellison Hatfield), Virginia Baker (Levicy Hatfield), Joan Caulfield (Sarah McCoy), Joe Estevez (Troy Hatfield), Brooke Palance (Mary Hatfield), Jim Bohan (Cap Hatfield), Charley Young (Allifair McCoy), Darrell Fetty (Tolbert McCoy), Dick Dinman (T.C. Crawford/narrator), Dennis Bowen (Randall Jr.), Kurt Grayson (Phamer McCoy), Christopher Norris (Nancy McCoy), Scott Plummer (Twinville McCoy), Tom Lowe (Preacher Ance Hatfield), Charlie Briggs (1st deputy), Cal Haynes (2nd deputy), Parke Perine (1st man), Jack Garner (2nd man).

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