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Having Babies

mcnamara nurse gorman barry

(ABC, 10/17/1976, 120 mins). Four couples experience childbirth by the “natural” Lamaze method in this stellar TV pilot to the subsequent series. Original title: “Giving Birth.”

Production Company The Jozak Company. Director Robert Day. Executive Producers Gerald I. Isenberg, Gerald W. Abrams. Producer Lew Gallo. Teleplay Peggy Elliott. Photography Jacques R. Marquette. Music Earle Hagen. Song by Joel Hirschhorn, Al Kasha. Song Performed by Maureen McGovern. Editor Jack McSweeney. Production Designer Peter M. Wooley.

Cast Desi Arnaz Jr. (Frank Gorman), Adrienne Barbeau (Allie Duggin), Ronny Cox (George McNamara), Harry Guardino (Ralph Bancini), Tom Kennedy (Hal Bergstrom), Vicki Lawrence (Grace Fontreil), Richard Masur (Max Duggin), Greg Mullavey (Mickey Paterno), Linda Purl (Laura Gorman), Jan Sterling (Mrs. Fontreil), Karen Valentine (Beth Paterno), Abe Vigoda (Al Schneider), Jessica Walter (Sally McNamara), Lawrence Driscoll (Hobie Lewis), Lyman Ward (Dr. Cabe), Dorothy Meyer (Admitting nurse), Barry Miller (Kenneth McNamara), Helen Hunt (Sharon McNamara), Steve Shaw (Mark McNamara), James Donahue (Mr. Johnson), Barry Hamilton (Young father), Shera Danese (Kristy Potter), Joseph G Medalis (Dr. Gorman), Allen Williams (Surgeon), Florrie Segelman (Labor nurse), Mimi Harris (OR nurse).

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