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Having Babies II

farr magee susan alice

(ABC, 10/28/1977, 120 mins). Like its predecessor “Having Babies” (1976), this film focuses on several couples, the emotional crises involving birth and adoption, and hospital personnel’s participation in their lives. Susan Sullivan’s character of Dr. Julie Farr became the pivotal role in this one, which served as a pilot to a “Having Babies” series that ran briefly in early 1978 and almost immediately had its title changed to “Julie Farr, M.D.”

Production Company The Jozak Company. Director Richard Michaels. Executive Producer Gerald W. Abrams. Producer Richard Briggs. Teleplay Elizabeth Clark. Based on a Story by Ann Marcus. Photography Michael Joyce. Music Fred Karlin. Editor John A. Martinelli. Art Director Bill Hiney.

Cast Tony Bill (Aaron Canfield), Cliff Gorman (Arthur Magee), Carol Lynley (Sally Magee), Lee Meriwether (Martha Cooper), Paula Prentiss (Trish Canfield), Nicholas Pryor (Jeff Kramer), Wayne Rogers (Lou Plotkin), Susan Sullivan (Dr. Julie Farr), Cassie Yates (Paula Plotkin), Robbie Rist (Danny Magee), Tracy Marshak (Jenny Cooper), Michael St. Clair (Chris Williams), Tracy Bogart (Pregnant woman), Belinda Balaski (Ann), Patrick Collins (Jim Spencer), Rhea Perlman (Cheryl), Cal Haynes (Bob), Valerie Robinson (Terri), Stacy Swor (Cynthia), Rosanna Arquette (Connie), Alice Borden (Receptionist), Marcia Martin (Janet), Vinton Freedley III (Ralph), Sandy McPeak (Sam), Linda Lyons (Ms. Womanian), John Medici (Ted), Nicholas Beauvy (Guy at beach), Marcia Bennett (Girl at party), Alice Hirson (Mimi).

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