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Hawaii Five-O

leonard richard freeman kam

(CBS, 9/20/1968, 120 mins). Special law officer Steve McGarrett tracks down Red Chinese operatives and their spy ring in Honolulu in this realistic pilot for the long-running series that premiered one week after the telefeature and was one of the top-rated weekly shows for more than a decade. Jack Lord became a major TV personality and Khigh Dhiegh turned up frequently to re-create his role as McGarrett’s longtime nemesis, Wo Fat. Tim O’Kelly and veteran actor Lew Ayres relinquished their original parts to James MacArthur and Richard Denning, respectively, while Kam Fong and Zulu remained with the original cast for a number of years.

Production Companies Leonard Freeman Productions, CBS Entertainment Productions. Director Paul Wendkos. Producer Leonard Freeman. Teleplay Leonard Freeman. Photography Richard Rawlings. Music Morton Stevens. Editor Ira Haymann. Art Director Gibson Holley.

Cast Jack Lord (Steve McGarrett), Nancy Kwan (Rosemary Quong), Leslie Nielsen (Brent), Andrew Duggan (Miller), Lew Ayres (Governor), James Gregory (Jonathan Kaye), Khigh Dhiegh (Wo Fat), Tim O’Kelly (Danny Williams), Kelly Kam Fong (Chin Ho Kelly), Zulu (Det. Kono Kalakaua), Philip Ahn (Attorney General), Mitzi Hoag (May), Noah Keen (Dr. Bernard), Wright Esser (Captain Schroeder), Bill Saito, Baird Miller, Gertrude Flynn, Dale Ishimoto, Russell Thorson, Newell Tarrant, Yankee Chang, Iris Rainer, Mark Lebuse, Soon-Teck Oh, Marine Saltonstall, Kaai Hayes, Ati Soo, Richard Kusa, Stirling Mossman and the Gang.

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