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The Healers

john kier producer director

(NBC, 5/22/1974, 120 mins). In this pilot for an unrealized series called “Crisis!” the director of a big-city medical center faces the predictable multitude of doctor show problems, from a threatened rebellion among the research staff to a surgeon’s unauthorized use of drugs to the obligatory lack of funds to run the hospital to nagging personal difficulties.

Production Company Warner Bros. Television. Director Tom Gries. Executive Producer Jerry Thorpe. Producer John Furia Jr. Teleplay Howard Dimsdale, John Furia Jr. Photography Jack Woolf. Music David Shire. Editor Michael A. Hoey. Art Director Walter Scott Herndon. Associate Producer Sid McCoy.

Cast John Forsythe (Dr. Robert Kier), Pat Harrington Jr. (Joe Tate), Kate Woodville (Claire Parlini), Season Hubley (Ann Kilmer), Anthony Zerbe (Dr. Albert Scanlon), Beverly Garland (Laura Kier), John McIntire (Dr. Ernest Wilson), Lance Kerwin (Kennedy Brown), Michael C. Gwynne (Dr. Anton Balinowski), Shelly Juttner (Nikki Kier), Christian Juttner (Vince Kier), Ellen Weston (Barbara/Kier’s secretary), Liam Dunn (Mrs. Addison), Bill McKinney (Mr. Brown), Julio Medina, Jay W. MacIntosh, Priscilla Garcia, Anne Newman, Stack Pierce, Jon Cedar, John Mano, James Storm, Paul Mantee, Angela Gibbs, Casey MacDonald, Jim Boles, Dick Valentine, Jacqueline Weiss, Gavan O’Herlihy.

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