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Hec Ramsey

robert harry acker bill

(NBC, 10/8/1972, 120 mins). An aging lawman in the turn-of-the-century West finds himself out of step with the times and reluctantly accepts a job as a deputy to an inexperienced, college educated copy in this lighthearted pilot for the series (1972-74) that was one of the rotating elements of the NBC Sunday Mystery Movie. Richard Boone and Rick Lenz continued in their roles along with (occasionally) Sharon Acker and Harry Morgan. Subsequently titled “The Century Turns.”

Production Companies Mark VII Ltd., Universal Television. Director Daniel Petrie. Executive Producer Jack Webb. Producer Bill Finnegan. Teleplay Harold Jack Bloom. Photography Robert B. Hauser. Music Fred Steiner. Editor Edward A. Biery. Art Director Robert Luthardt.

Cast Richard Boone (Hec Ramsey), Rick Lenz (Chief Oliver Stamp), Sharon Acker (Nora Muldoon), Harry Morgan (Doc Amos C Coogan), R.G. Armstrong (Ben Ritt), Robert Pratt (Steve Ritt), Ray Middleton (Judge Leroy Tate), Dick Van Patten (Earl Enright), Perry Lopez (Sgt. Juan Mendoza), Dennis Wayne Rucker (Andy Muldoon), Bill Vint, Brian Dewey, Ron Turbeville, Colby Chester, Robert Phillips, Paul Carr, Maurice Jara, Francis DeSales, Len Wayland, Harry Harvey Sr., Dal Jenkins.

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