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(NBC, 11/17/1968, 120 mins). A superb fourth film version of the all-time favorite children’s novel and the first in a series of movies based on literary classics put together by Frederick Brogger and James Franciscus (through their Omnibus Productions) and director Delbert Mann. “David Copperfield,” “Jane Eyre” and the theatrical “Kidnapped” followed. Making her acting debut in the title role: the daughter of Blake Edwards and Julie Andrews. This film occupies a unique place in television history as the program which preempted the final crucial minutes of an important (to sports fans, at least) football game, causing not only switchboard havoc at the network but also several newspaper editorials about viewer priorities.

Production Companies Omnibus-Biography Productions, Sagittarius. Director Delbert Mann. Producers Frederick Brogger, James Franciscus. Teleplay Earl Hamner. Based on the Story by Johanna Spyri. Photography Klaus von Tautenfeld. Music John Williams. Song “A Place of My Own” John Williams, Rod McKuen. Song performed by Rod McKuen. Editor D.J. Cohen. Art Director Mathias Matthies.

Cast Maximilian Schell (Herr Richard Sesseman), Jean Simmons (Fraulein Rottenmeier), Michael Redgrave (Grandfather), Jennifer Edwards (Heidi), Walter Slezak (Father Richter), Peter Van Eyck (Dr. Raboux), Zufeika Robson (Klara), Elisabeth Neumann (Grandmother), John Moulder-Brown (Peter), Miriam Spoerri (Dete), John Crawley (Klaus), Karl Lieffen (Sebastian/butler).

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