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Helter Skelter

girl “family” manson sergeant

(CBS, 4/1/1976 and 4/2/1976, 2 Parts, 120 mins each, 4 hours). An explosive dramatization of the bestseller by Vincent T. Bugliosi about the Charles Manson “family” and the trial of the Tate/LaBianca murderers. One of the biggest made for TV movie productions to its time, with 115 speaking parts, and the highestrated television film of all during the two nights it took to unfold. Emmy Award nominations went to director Tom Gries, to composer Billy Goldenberg and to editors Byron “Buzz” Brandt and Bud S. Isaacs.

Production Company Lorimar Productions. Director Tom Gries. Executive Producers Lee Rich, Philip Capice. Producer Tom Gries. Teleplay J P Miller. Based on a Book by Vincent T. Bugliosi, Curt Gentry. Photography Jules Brenner. Music Billy Goldenberg. Song “Helter Skelter” by The Beatles. Songs performed by Silverspoon. Supervising Editor Gene Fowler Jr. Editors Bud S. Isaacs, Byron ‘Buzz’ Brandt. Art Director Phil Barber. Title Design Phill Norman.

Cast George DiCenzo (Vincent Bugliosi), Steve Railsback (Charles Manson), Nancy Wolfe (Susan Atkins [Manson Girl]), Marilyn Burns (Linda Kasabian [Manson Girl]), Christina Hart (Patricia Krenwinkel [Manson Girl], Cathey Paine (Leslie Van Houten [Manson Girl]), Alan Oppenheimer (Asst. DA Aaron Stovitz), Rudy Ramos (Danny DeCarlo/informer), Sondra Blake (Ronnie Howard/inmate), George Garro (Rosner [Polanski’s manager]), Vic Werber (Lt. Sam Brenner), Howard Caine (Everett Scoville [Manson attorney]), Jason Ronard (Paul Watkins), Skip Homeier (Judge Charles H. Older), Marc Alaimo (Sgt. Phil Cohen/L.A. Cop), Bill Durkin (Charles “Tex” Watson), Phillip R. Allen (Sgt. Manuel Gris), David Clennon (Harry Jones), James E. Brodhead (Mr. Ben Quint), Anne Newman Mantee (Mrs. Quint), Joyce Easton (Gail Bugliosi), Jon Gries (William Garretson), Edward Bell (Sgt. Hank Kruger), Roy Jenson (Punchy), Paul Mantee (Sergeant O’Neal), Ray Middleton (George Spahn), Anthony Herrera (Sergeant Smith), Al Checco (Leno LaBianca), Bob Hoy (Sergeant Franklin), Stanley Ralph Ross (Sergeant Ross), Bart Burns (DA Frank Fowler), Jerry Dunphy (Newscaster), George Putnam (Newscaster), Linden Chiles (J. Miller Leavy), Mary Kay Pass (Sergeant Broom), Laura Ash (Virginia), Carol Ita White (Big Sal), Martha Evans (Nurse), Dorothy Meyer (Housekeeper), Raphael Baker (Sergeant Brown), Bert Williams (Deputy), Ralph Montgomery (Grand jury foreman), Richard Venture (Police inspector), Doug McGrath (Plainclothesman), Louise Clark (Susan Struthers), Burt Conway (Judge William Keene), Larry Pennell (Sergeant White), John Fain (Shorty Shea), Toni Moss (Rosemary LaBianca), Jim Boles (Camarinos), Paul Kent (Dennis Ranson/DA’s office), Jack Miller (Joe Dorgan), Will Brodhead (Steve Quint), Josh Albee (Struthers), John Evans (Sanderson), Ronald Gold (Cinquita), Sidney Clute (Reporter), Steve Gries (Steve “Clem” Grogan), Blair Aaronson (Sayce), Bruce French (Officer Ocher), Foy Martin (Le Page), Joe Roman (Bailiff), Lionel Decker (Jury foreman Tubick), Bill Sorrells (Gillespie [Manson lawyer]), John Furlong (Judge Dell), Robert Ito (Drees Darrin [Defense Attorney]), Rod Arrants (Bart Listen), Guy Remsen (Andy Cookley), Read Morgan (Officer Columbine), Cal Haynes (Keith), Adam Williams (Terrence Mellich), Barbara Mallory (A “Family” Girl), Asta Hansen (A “Family” Girl), Deborah Parsons (A “Family” Girl), Melody Hinkle (A “Family” Girl), Deanne Gwinn (A “Family” Girl), Leila Davis (A “Family” Girl), Sondra Lowell (A “Family” Girl), Kathleen Devlin (A “Family” Girl), Mary Jo Thacher (A “Family” Girl), Tracy Tracton (A “Family” Girl), Eileen Dietz Elber (A “Family” Girl), Patricia Post (A “Family” Girl), Lindsay V. Jones (A “Family” Girl).

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