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High Midnight

mirisch jerry mike montgomery

(CBS, 11/27/1979, 120 mins). Blue collar worker David Birney vows to avenge the murder of his wife and child in a mistaken no-knock drug raid led by ruthlessly ambitious narcotics officer Mike Connors. For his music score, composer Jerry Fielding won one of his last Emmys.

Production Companies The Mirisch Corporation, Universal Television. Director Daniel Haller. Executive Producer Walter Mirisch. Producer Andrew Mirisch. Teleplay Kathryn Montgomery, Michael Montgomery. Photography Stevan Larner. Music Jerry Fielding. Editor Robert L. Kimble. Art Director Roy Steffensen.

Cast Mike Connors (Capt. Lou Mikalich), David Birney (Tony Giannetti), Christina Belford (Sgt. Liz Spencer), Granville Van Dusen (Lieutenant Ellis), Marc Alaimo (Gratzek), Victor Campos (Lopez), John Durren (Red Rudinsky), Edward Grover (Lieutenant Donovan), Kathleen Lloyd (Lee), Larry Bishop (Salesman), George DiCenzo (Bennet), Ben Gerard (Stukey), Jeri Lea Ray (Kathy Giannetti), Virginia Hawkins (Sister Mathias), Ben Frank (Garage Cop), Tony Ballen (Joseph DeAngelo), Noah Hathaway (Timmy), Leopoldo Mandeville (Breeze), Peter Miller (Commissioner), Paul Tuerpe (Officer), Chip Johnson (Doctor), Santos Morales (Garcia), Susan MacDonald (Mrs. Ellis).

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