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The House on Garibaldi Street

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(ABC, 5/28/1979, 120 mins). A dramatization, filmed in Spain, about the events leading up to the capture of Nazi war criminal Adolph Eichmann byIsraeli agents in Argentina in 1960. Two of them, Topol and Janet Suzman, are best known to American moviegoers as Academy Award nominees for their roles in “Fiddler on the Roof” and “Nicholas and Alexandra,” respectively, while Martin Balsam portrays the author of the book on which this film was based, who at the time was the head of Israeli Intelligence.

Production Company Charles Fries Productions. Director Peter Collinson. Executive Producers Charles Bloch, Steve Shagan. Producer Mort Abrahams. Teleplay Steve Shagan. Based on a Book by Isser Harel. Photography Alejandro Ulloa. Music Charles Bernstein. Editor Gene Fowler Jr. Production Designers Disley Jones, Fernando Gonzalez. Art Director Giorgio Desideri. Production Supervisor Charles Fries.

Cast Chaim Topol (Michael), Nick Mancuso (Ari), Janet Suzman (Hedda), Martin Balsam (Isser Harel), Leo McKern (David Ben-Gurion), Charles Gray (General Lischke), Derren Nesbitt (Arthur Lubinsky), Alfred Burke (Adolph Eichmann), John Bennett (Aaron Lazar), John Cater (Doctor), Fernando Hillbeck (Inspector Contreras), Edward Judd (Meged), Alberto Berco (Rodrigues), Alberto DeMendoza (Primo), Ricardo Palacios (Dani), Richard Wren (Dieter Eichmann), Maria Isbert (Vera Eichmann), Simon Shepard (Nicholaus Eichmann), Jorge Bosso (Vincente), Ian Serra (Pedro), Carl Rapp (Flight plan official), Pace Belloch (Ben), Gareth Hunt (Kadem), Antonio Canal (Cordero), Dennis Vaughan (Zichroni), Wolf Kohler (Contreras), Jeff Waters (Co-pilot).

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