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The House on Greenapple Road

george paul ord director

(ABC, 1/11/1970, 135 mins). A crime drama involving a dogged plainclothes cop, a meek salesman accused of murdering his promiscuous wife, and a corpse that cannot be found. The subsequent “Dan August” series (1970-71) starred Burt Reynolds, Norman Fell and Richard Anderson in the roles originally played by Christopher George, Keenan Wynn and Barry Sullivan. Based on the 1966 crime novel by Harold R. Daniels, this movie subsequently was cut to two hours, losing a half hour.

Production Company Quinn Martin Productions. Director Robert Day. Executive Producer Quinn Martin. Producer Adrian Samish. Teleplay George Eckstein. Based on the Novel by Harold R. Daniels. Photography Robert Hoffman. Music Duane Tatro. Editor Thomas Ness. Art Director James D. Vance.

Cast Christopher George (Lt. Dan August), Janet Leigh (Marian Ord), Julie Harris (Leona Miller), Tim O’Connor (George Ord), Walter Pidgeon (Mayor Jack Parker), Barry Sullivan (Chief Frank Untermyer), Keenan Wynn (Sgt. Charles Wilentz), Mark Richman (Sal Gilman), William Windom (Paul Durstine), Burr DeBenning (Bill Foley), Lynda Day (Lillian Crane), Joanne Linville (Connie Durstine), Edward Asner (Sheriff Muntz), Eve Plumb (Margaret Ord), Lawrence Dane, Ned Romero, Paul Fix, Alice Jubert, Paul Lukather, John Ward, Geoffrey Deuel, Tina Menard, Rees Vaughn, Olan Soule.

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