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How to Break Up a Happy Divorce

dowling productions gerald caruso

(NBC, 10/6/1976, 90 mins). A sight-gag-happy farce, loaded with cameos by familiar TV faces, about a divorcee’s campaign to make her ex husband jealous in order to win him back.

Production Companies Charles Fries Productions, NBC Productions. Director Jerry Paris. Executive Producer Charles Fries. Producers Dee Caruso, Gerald Gardner. Teleplay Dee Caruso, Gerald Gardner. Photography Richard A. Kelley Music Nelson Riddle. Editors Bob Moore, Bud Molin.

Cast Barbara Eden (Ellen Dowling), Hal Linden (Tony Bartlett), Peter Bonerz (Carter Dowling), Marcia Rodd (Eve), Harold Gould (Mr. Henshaw), Betty Bressler (Mrs. Henshaw), Liberty Williams (Jennifer Hartman), Chuck McCann (Man with hangover), Archie Hahn (Harassed waiter), Edward Andrews (Man at concert), Dave Ketchum (Professor Schofield), Carl Ballantine (Conductor), Mary Jo Catlett (Soprano), Leigh French (Marilyn), Barbara Minkus (Gallery guide), Fred Willard (Lance Colson), Ivy Jones, Shirley Prestia, Janis Jamison, Sandra Maley, Roy Stuart, Alberto Sarno, Robert Karvelas, Eileen Dietz, Harriet Gibson, Dale Johnson, Jim Everring, Linda Ann Stewart, Sheila Rogers, Andrew L. Paris.

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