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How to Pick Up Girls!

alan king based persky

(ABC, 11/3/1978, 120 mins). The amusing adventures of an unsophisticated small town lad who arrives in New York, moves in with this swinging buddy, and surprisingly becomes an authority on the ways and wiles of women as he enters the world of big-time girl-chasing. The star here is not Desi Arnaz Jr., but Fred McCarren, despite the billing. Based on Eric Weber’s 1970 book.

Production Company King-Hitzig Productions. Director Bill Persky. Executive Producer Alan King. Producer Rupert Hitzig. Teleplay Bill Persky, David Handler, Jordan Crittenden, Peter Gethers. Based on a Book by Eric Weber. Photography Alan Metzger. Music Don Sebesky. Song written and performed by John Loeffler. Editor Craig McKay. Art Director Ronald Baldwin.

Cast Desi Arnaz Jr. (Robbie Harrington), Bess Armstrong (Sally Clabrook), Fred McCarren (Donald Becker), Polly Bergen (Dana Greenberg), Richard Dawson (Chandler Corey), Alan King (Manny Shiller), Abe Vigoda (Nathan Perlmutter), Deborah Raffin (Cynthia Miller), Rudolph Willrich (Frank Cavanaugh), Forbesy Russell (Pam), Hollis Winick (Denise), Shelley Wyant (Cloakroom attendant), Kevin Conroy (Bartender), Chrysis (Donnie), Colette Blonigan (Suzie), Sandahl Bergman (Blonde jogger), Jon Bruno (Store clerk), Denise Flamino (Terry), Lorell Brina (Taxi interview girl), MacIntyre Dixon (Post Office clerk), Wendie Malick (Stephie).

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