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Huckleberry Finn

howard jean sawyer tom

(ABC, 3/25/1975, 90 mins). The Mark Twain perennial with freckle faced Ron Howard and most of his family father Rance, mother Jean, brother Clint in this TV update of the classic. Previous Huck Finns on film were Lewis Sargent in 1919, Junior Durkin (1931) in the Jackie Cooper movie about Tom Sawyer, Mickey Rooney (1939), Eddie Hodges (1960) and Jeff East (to Johnny Whittaker’s Tom Sawyer) in both 1973 and 1974.

Production Company ABC Circle Films. Director Robert Totten. Producer Steven North. Teleplay Jean Holloway. Based on the Novel by Mark Twain. Photography Andrew Jackson. Music Earl Robinson. Song “Mississippi (Said the River, I’m Your Friend)” Earl Robinson, Steven North. Song performed by Roy Clark. Editors Diane Adler, Marsh Hendry. Art Director Peter M. Wooley.

Cast Ron Howard (Huckleberry Finn), Don Most (Tom Sawyer), Royal Dano (Mark Twain), Antonio Fargas (Jim Watson), Jack Elam (The King), Merle Haggard (The Duke), Rance Howard (Pap Finn), Jean Howard (Widow Douglas), Clint Howard (Arch), Shug Fisher (Old Doc), Sarah Selby (Aunt Polly), Bill Erwin (Harvey Wilkes), Frederic Downs (Ben Rucker), James Almanear (Silas Phelps), Patty Weaver (Mary Jane), Woodrow Chambliss (Auctioneer).

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