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Human Feelings

ross charles pamela movie

(NBC, 10/16/1978, 90 mins). A pilot movie (complete with laugh track) dealings with the day to day workings of God herself, here threatening to destroy Las Vegas if six righteous people cannot be found there in seven days, and it’s up to an eager to please young angel, a frustrated clerk typist in the heavenly music department, to try to hold off the total devastation while disguised as a mortal. The 90 minute movie was expanded to two hours for its initial network repeat and the laugh track was eliminated.

Production Companies Charles Fries Productions, Crestview Productions, Worldvision Enterprises. Director Ernest Pintoff. Executive Producers Charles Fries, Malcolm Stuart. Producer Herbert Hirschman. Teleplay Henry Bloomstein. Photography William K. Jurgensen. Music John Cacavas. Editor Angelo Ross. Art Director Bill Ross.

Cast Nancy Walker (God [Mrs. G]), Billy Crystal (Miles Gordon), Pamela Sue Martin (Verna Gold), Squire Fridell (Phil Sawyer), Donna Pescow (Gloria Prentice), Armand Assante (Johnny Turner), Richard Dimitri (Garcia), Jack Carter (Robin Dennis), Pat Morita (Waiter), John Fiedler (Lester), Anthony Charnota (Eddie), Tom Pedi (Frank), James Whitmore Jr. (Detective), Scott Walker (1st guard), Pamela Miller (Verna Gold), Diane Silvester, Barry Hamilton, Rozsika Holmes, Tony Cristing, Biff Yeager, Albert Cole, Liberty Godshall, Adele Claire, Joe E. Ross, Charles Bracy, Abigail Shelton.

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