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The Hunted Lady

robert clements richard quinn

(NBC, 11/28/1977, 120 mins). An undercover policewoman becomes a target for elimination by a crime syndicate and must flee for her life after being framed for murder in this prospective series pilot that bore a close resemblance to “The Fugitive” with a change of gender.

Production Company Quinn Martin Productions. Director Richard Lang. Executive Producer Quinn Martin. Producer William Robert Yates. Teleplay William Robert Yates. Photography Paul Lohmann. Music Laurence Rosenthal. Editor Jim Gross. Art Director George B. Chan.

Cast Donna Mills (Susan Reilly), Lawrence Casey (Robert Armstrong), Andrew Duggan (Capt. John Shannon), Alan Feinstein (Sgt. Stanley Arizzio), Geoffrey Lewis (Mr. Eckert), Michael McGuire (Lt. Henry Jacks), Jenny O’Hara (Carol Arizzio), Quinn Redeker (Max Devine), Robert Reed (Dr. Arthur Sills), Will Sampson (Uncle George), Mario Roccuzzo (Angie), Richard Yniguez (David Todd), Jess Walton (Kate), Panchito Gomez (Johnny Ute), Mark Miller (Sen. Roger Clements), Patti Cohoon (Cathy Clements), Robert Nathan. (Lewis Clements), Hank Brandt (Marvin Roister), Taylor Lacher (Sheriff Clancy), David Darlow (James Radford), Richard Herd (Captain Wilson), Vincent Howard (Lieutenant Anderson), Eric Server, Danny Wells, Charles Alvin Bell, James Chandler, Carl Mathis Craig, Tim Haldeman, Byron Mabe, Kathleen O’Malley, Sean Michael Rice.

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