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kanin based fay jill

(ABC, 2/22/1975, 120 mins). A drama about an investigative reporter (obviously based on Gail Sheehy) for a New York based news magazine who digs into the multimillion dollar prostitution business in Manhattan in search of the real profiteers. Emmy Award nominations went to Jill Clayburgh for her acting and Fay Kanin for her writing.

Production Companies Lillian Gallo Entertainment, Filmways. Director Joseph Sargent. Producer Lillian Gallo. Teleplay Fay Kanin. Based on a Book by Gail Sheehy. Photography Bill Butler. Music Jerry Fielding. Editor George Jay Nicholson. Art Director Herman Blumenthal. Associate Producer Fay Kanin.

Cast Lee Remick (Fran Morrison), Monte Markham (Orin Dietrich), Jill Clayburgh (Wanda Klavik), Alex Rocco (Swifty Callino), Melanie Mayron (Dee Dee), Beverly Hope Atkinson (Gizelle), Dick O’Neill (Keough), Burt Young (Gustavino), Paul Benedict (Lester Traube), John Sylvester White (Geist), Allan Miller (Harold Levine), Burke Byrnes (Bus driver), James Andronica (Van patrolman), Howard Hesseman (Detective), Cliff Pellow (Business suit), Stephen Nathan (Bluejeans), Alex Colon (Sergeant Morales), Richard Keith (Marion Haal), Lisa Daniels (Guest at party), Bernie McInerney (Manager).

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