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I Want to Keep My Baby!

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(CBS, 11/19/1976, 120 mins). Drama about a 15 year old girl who becomes pregnant and decides to raise the baby herself. The film marked the TV acting debut of Mariel Hemingway, the granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway.

Production Company CBS Productions. Director Jerry Thorpe. Executive Producer Jerry Thorpe. Producer Joanna Lee. Teleplay Joanna Lee. Photography Frank Stanley. Music George Aliceson Tipton. Song “Child With a Child” by Craig Lee, Hermine Hilton. Song Performed by Salli Terri. Editor Alex Beaton. Art Director Ray Beal.

Cast Mariel Hemingway (Sue Ann Cunningham), Susan Anspach (Donna Jo Martelli), Jack Rader (Ralph Martelli), Vincent Baggetta (Don DeReda), Dori Brenner (Renee DeReda), Rhea Perlman (Rae Finer), Jonathan Jones (Chuck Ryan), Herb Williams (Gregg), Lisa Pelikan (Miranda), John Megna (Andy), Lisa Mordente (Marta), John Dennis Johnston (Rico), Constance Ming (Mrs. Greene), Gentry Claussen (Debbie), Judy Mines (Shirley), Don Spencer (Minister), Yvonne Tessler (Leona), Roger Simon (Dr. Bernstein), Scott Perry (Mr. Ryan), Liz Jury (Mrs. Ryan), Betty Gust (Receptionist), B.J. Champion (Mrs. McCellan), Wen Ansun (Miss Kinamura), Lynne O’Neill (Dee Dee), Prentiss Rowe (Landlord), Harlan Knudson (Reverend Sylvester).

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