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In the Glitter Palace

robert cop everett carole

(NBC, 2/27/1977, 120 mins). A murder melodrama in which a defense lawyer detective (Chad Everett) is urged by his ex girlfriend to defend her lesbian lover charged with a killing of which she claims she is innocent.

Production Companies The Writers Company Inc., Columbia Pictures Television. Director Robert Butler. Executive Producer Stan Kallis. Producers Jay Daniel, Jerry Ludwig. Teleplay Jerry Ludwig. Photography Gerald Perry Finnerman. Music John Parker. Editors Herbert H. Dow, Richard Bracken. Art Directors Ross Bellah, Zoltan Muller.

Cast Chad Everett (Vincent Halloran), Barbara Hershey (Ellen Lange), Anthony Zerbe (Roy Danko), Howard Duff (Raymond Travers), Diana Scarwid (Casey Walker), David Wayne (Nate Redstone), Tisha Sterling (Grace Mayo), Salome Jens (Judge Kendis Winslow), Ron Rifkin (Roger), Ron Masak (Fred Ruggiero), Paul Stevens (Merrill), Carole Cook (Daisy Dolon), Robert Sampson (Harry Brittenham), Lynne Marta (Ricky), Booth Colman (Kubishan), Gloria Le Roy (Norma Addison), Carole Mallory (Sally), Stanley Kamel (Director), Lee Delano (Producer), Paul Bryar (Private cop), Lucetta Jenison (Nurse), Paula Shaw (Ruth), Romo Vincent (Louis), Warren Vanders (Loomis), Gloria Stuart (Mrs. Bowman), Vicky Perry (Sheila), Mary Woronov (Bartender), Jean Demter Barton (1st woman), Robert Rothwell (Burnett), Niva Ruschell (Receptionist), Mack Harbin (Lineup cop), Norland Benson (Police sergeant).

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