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In the Matter of Karen Ann Quinlan

mary hal john nbc

(NBC, 9/26/1977, 120 mins). Fact-based drama about the ordeal of a New Jersey couple over whether to keep their comatose teenage daughter alive on life supporting machines or let her die with dignity. (The girl lapsed into a coma in the spring of 1975, and more than 10 years later she was still alive.)

Production Companies Warren V. Bush Productions, NBC Productions. Director Hal Jordan. Executive Producer Warren V. Bush. Producer Hal Sitowitz. Teleplay Hal Sitowitz. Photography Arch R. Dalzell. Music Bill Conti. Editor Sidney Katz. Art Director Lester D. Gobruegge.

Cast Brian Keith (Joe Quinlan), Piper Laurie (Julie Quinlan), David Huffman (Paul Armstrong), Stephanie Zimbalist (Mary Ellen Quinlan), Biff McGuire (Father Tom), David Spielberg (Dr. Mason), Bert Freed (Dr. Julius Korein), Louise Latham (Sister Mary Luke), Mary Anne Grayson (Karen), Habibageli (Dr. Hanif), Byron Morrow (Attorney General Hyland), Vincent Baggetta (Donald Collester Jr.), Jane Elliot (Maria Armstrong), John Friedrich (John Quinlan).

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