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In This House of Brede

dame peter producer novel

(CBS, 2/27/1975, 120 mins). A sophisticated London widow renounces a successful business career and the man who loves her—to become a cloistered Benedictine nun. Diana Rigg won an Emmy Award nomination for her performance in the lead role. Based on the 1969 novel by Rumer Godden.

Production Company Tomorrow Entertainment. Director George Schaefer. Executive Producer Philip Barry. Producer George Schaefer. Teleplay James Costigan. Based on the Novel by Rumer Godden. Photography Chris Challis. Music Peter Matz. Editor Ronald J. Fagan. Art Director Simon Holland. Associate Producer Paul Cameron.

Cast Diana Rigg (Philippa), Jud Bowker (Joanne), Gwen Watford (Dame Catherine), Pamela Brown (Dame Agnes), Denis Quilley (Sir Richard), Nicholas Clay (David), Gladys Spencer (Dame Emily), Julia Blalock (Penny), Frances Rowe (Miss Bowman), Charlotte Mitchell (Mrs. Fraser), Peter Sproule (Jeremy), Margaret Heery (Cynthia), Elizabeth Bradley (Dame Margaret), Dervla Molloy (Dame Beatrice), Ann Rye (Sister Jane), Catherine Willmer (Sister Ellen/Renata), Valerie Lush (Maura), Janette Legge (Barbara), Stacey Tendetter (Louise), Peter Geddis (Mr. Scanlon), Janet Davies (Mrs. Scanlon), Yasuko Nagazumi (Mariko), Michi Takeda (Sumi), Frances Kearney (Louise), Sanae Fukua (Kasiko), Michiko Sukomoro (Yoko), Jun Majima (Yuri), Brian Hawkesley (Bishop), Hugh Morton (Abbot), Gerald Case (Headwaiter), N.K. Sonoda (Matsuki).

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