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Incident in San Francisco

robert richard cianelli carter

(ABC, 2/28/1971, 120 mins). A young reporter crusades to clear a good Samaritan who is charged with murdering a mugger after the victim and witnesses fail to corroborate his story. This pilot was for a proposed series to have starred Christopher Connelly as the newshound, Tim O’Connor as the cynical city editor, and Dean Jagger as the tough editor-in-chief. Based on J.E. Brown’s book “Incident at 125th St.”

Production Company Quinn Martin Productions. Director Don Medford. Executive Producer Quinn Martin. Producers Adrian Samish, Arthur Fellows. Teleplay Robert Dozier. Based on a Novel by J.E. Brown. Photography William W. Spencer. Music Patrick Williams. Editor Richard Brockway. Art Director George B. Chan. Associate Producer Howard Alston.

Cast Richard Kiley (Robert Harmon), Leslie Nielsen (Lieutenant Brubaker), Dean Jagger (Sam Baldwin), John Marley (Mario Cianelli), Tim O’Connor (Arthur Andrews), Phyllis Thaxter (Lois Harmon), Ruth Roman (Sophia Cianelli), David Opatoshu (Herschel Rosen), Claudia McNeil (Odessa Carter), Tracy Reed (Penny Carter), Julius Harris (Henry Carter), Tom Nardini (Alfred Cianelli), Christopher Connelly (Jeff Marshall), Richard O’Brien (Jasper Mahoney), Ken Lynch (Detective Hanson), Victoria Vetri, John Considine, William Traylor, Dennis Olivieri, Robert Pine, Fred Sadoff, Radames Pera, Bill Quinn, Geoffrey Gage, Nora Marlowe, Russell Thorson, Doreen McLean, Shirley O’Hara, Robert Lemond, K.L. Smith, Roy Rowan, George Burrafato, Paul Carmen, Joel Lawrence.

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