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Incident on a Dark Street

david roland mark romeo

(NBC, 1/12/1973, 120 mins). A small-time hood is murdered as he is about to blow the whistle on the syndicate in this pilot for a prospective series about the day to day operations of the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Justice Department.

Production Companies David Gerber Productions, Twentieth Century Fox Television. Director Buzz Kulik. Executive Producer David Gerber. Producer E. Jack Neuman. Teleplay E. Jack Neuman. Photography Charles F. Wheeler. Music Elmer Bernstein. Editor Rita Roland. Art Director Robert Boyle.

Cast James Olson (Joseph Dubbs), David Canary (Pete Gallagher), Robert Pine (Paul Hamilton), Richard Castellano (Frank Romeo), William Shatner (Deaver Wallace), Murray Hamilton (Edmund Shilling), Gilbert Roland (Dominic Leopold), John Kerr (Attorney Gallagher), Kathleen Lloyd (Louise Trenier), Wesley Lau (John Pine), Don ‘Red’ Barry (Miles Henderson), David Doyle (Luke Burgess), Gordon Pinsent (Mayor), James Davidson (Arthur Trenier), Jerome Thor (Abe Hirsch), Mark Jenkins (Mark), Jennifer Kulik (Anne), Marlene Clark (Rose), Susan Stafford (Monica Forbes), Tony Giorgio (Vincent Romeo), Val DeVargas (Ernesto De La Pina), Marian Collier (Miss Gentry), Roland LaStarza (Sonny), Earl Ebi (Judge), Nicholas Konakas, Michele Nichols, Michael W Siokey, Owen Orr, Jed Allan, Robyn Millian, Jay W. MacIntosh.

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