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The Incredible Journey of Doctor Meg Laurel

jane wyman moon director

(CBS, 1/2/1979, 180 mins). A big city lady doctor returns to her roots in the backwoods of the Blue Ridge Mountains to bring modern medicine to the local folks in the Appalachia of the 1930s and finds herself at odds with the homespun ways of the local medicine woman. Originally this was titled “The Outlander.” Veteran actress Jane Wyman returned to filmmaking here and was accorded the seldom-used billing “Miss Jane Wyman.”

Production Company Columbia Pictures Television. Director Guy Green. Executive Producer Ron Samuels. Producer Paul B. Radin. Teleplay Joseph Fineman, Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz. Photography Al Francis. Music Gerald Fried. Song “Mountain Lady” by Judithe Randall, Robin Randall. Song Performed by Alix Waughurt. Editor Gloryette Clark. Art Director Jack F. DeShields.

Cast Lindsay Wagner (Dr. Meg Laurel), Jane Wyman (Granny Arrowroot), Dorothy McGuire (Effie Webb), Andrew Duggan (Judge Adamson), Gary Lockwood (Harley Moon), Brock Peters (Joe), John Reilly (Thom Laurel), Charles Tyner (Doug Slocomb), James Woods (Sin Eater), Woodrow Parfrey (Messerschmidt), Peggy Walton (Mrs. Slocomb), Kathi Soucie (Becca), Tracey Gold (Laurie Mae Moon), Cherilyn Parsons (Sophie Pride), Gary Graham (Jacob Barth), Ray Young (Joel), Gloria Stuart (Rose Hooper), Mary Ellen O’Neill (Granny Bacon), Meegan King (Willis), David Gregory (Herm), Henry G. Sanders (Harve), Dee Croxton (Mildred Koch), Hazel Johnson (Vyrle Macy), Pauline McFadgen (Corra Macy), Stephanie Smith (Camille Kapp), Carolyn Jane Reed (Mrs. Pride), Ronald Peterson (Joshua Moon), John Driscoll (Walt Ridgeway), Sam J Jones (Roy), Philip Schultz (Butler), Dan Kemp, Diane Fetterly, Sharon McGrath, Marta Nichols, Genevieve Beauvais.

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