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Incident on a Dark Street

mike charles sellier tucker

(NBC, 12/17/1977, 120 mins). A lighthearted Western involving a madcap grudge race from Missouri to California between a young Mark Twain (Christopher Connelly) and his longtime rival, Mike Fink (Forrest Tucker), with the aid of a slightly daft Indian.

Production Companies Charles E. Sellier Productions, Schick Sunn Classics. Director James L Conway. Executive Producer Charles Sellier Jr. Producer Robert Stambler. Teleplay David O’Malley, Tom Chapman. Photography Henning Schellerup. Music Bob Summers. Editor John F. Link. Art Director Charles C. Bennett.

Cast Christopher Connelly (Mark Twain), Forrest Tucker (Mike Fink), Larry Storch (Eagle Feather), Jack Kruschen (Jim Bridger), Mike Mazurki (Crazy Horse), Parley Baer (Farley Osmond), Whit Bissell (Simon Hollaway), Bill Zuckert (Mayor Calvin Mercer), Don Haggerty (Sheriff Benedict), Sam Edwards (Milford Petrie), Sandy Gibbon (Virginia City sheriff), William Kazele (Burton), John Hansen (Bill Cody), Robert Easton, Greg Brickman, Tom Chapman, Hugh Burritt, Prentiss Rowe, Warren Ewing, David O’Malley, Allen Wood, Michael Ruud, Earl Smith, Dennis Williams.

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