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Indict and Convict

bill victor producer fitzgerald

(NBC, 1/6/1974, 120 mins). This courtroom drama finds prosecutor George Grizzard against his deputy DA pal William Shatner who is accused of murdering his wife and her lover although he was 150 miles away at the time of the killing. Based on the 1971 book by Bill Davidson.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Boris Sagal. Executive Producer David Victor. Producer Winston Miller. Teleplay Winston Miller. Based on a Book by Bill Davidson. Photography Bill Butler. Music Jerry Goldsmith. Editor Robert F. Shugrue. Art Director John T. McCormack.

Cast George Grizzard (Bob Mathews), Reni Santoni (Mike Belano), Susan Howard (Joanna Garrett), Ed Flanders (Timothy Fitzgerald), Eli Wallach (DeWitt Foster), William Shatner (Sam Belden), Myrna Loy (Judge Christine Taylor), Harry Guardino (Mel Thomas), Kip Niven (Norman Hastings), Ruta Lee (Phyllis Dorfman), Del Russel (Frank Rogers), Maree Cheatham (Barbara Mathews), Alfred Ryder (Dr. Frank Larsen), Eunice Christopher (Muriel Fitzgerald), Arlene Martel (Mrs. Ann Lansing), Henry Beckman (Marv Theisen), Michael Pataki (Victor).

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