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The Initiation of Sarah

producer fries susan crosby

(ABC, 2/6/1978, 120 mins). Strange goings-on involve a naïve college coed in the bizarre rites of an old sorority. Kathryn Crosby, playing a housemother, returned to filmmaking here in her first appearance following Bing’s death. Mia Farrow’s sister, Van Heflin’s niece, and Martin Balsam’s daughter were among the other campus girls of questionable powers.

Production Companies Charles Fries Productions, Stonehenge Productions. Director Robert Day. Executive Producer Charles Fries. Producer Jay Benson. Teleplay Carol Saraceno, Don Ingalls, Kenette Gfeller. Based on a Story by Tom Holland, Carol Saraceno. Photography Ric Waite. Music Johnny Harris. Editor Tony DiMarco. Art Director Herman Zimmerman. Associate Producer Allan Marcil.

Cast Kay Lenz (Sarah), Shelley Winters (Miss Erica), Kathryn Crosby (Mrs. Goodwin), Morgan Brittany (Patti), Morgan Fairchild (Jennifer), Tony Bill (Paul Yates), Elizabeth Stack (Laura), Tisa Farrow (Mouse), Deborah Ryan (Bobbi), Nora Heflin (Barbara), Robert Hays (Scott), Talia Balsam (Allison), Doug Davidson (Tommy), Jennifer Gay (Kathy), Susan Duvall (Regina), Karen Purcil (Pledge), Madeline Kelly (Clerk), Michael Talbott (Freddie), Debi Fries (Susan), Albert Owens (Young man).

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