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Institute for Revenge

john driskill bill robert

(NBC, 1/22/1979, 90 mins). A sophisticated computer named IFR (the film’s title is its nickname) supervises an organization dedicated to correcting wrongs against the defenseless and assigns human operatives to track down the evildoers and bring them to justice nonviolently. This fanciful pilot was for a series that never materialized.

Production Companies Gold-Driskill Productions, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Ken Annakin. Executive Producers Bill Driskill, Otto Salamon. Producer Bert Gold. Teleplay Bill Driskill. Based on a Story by Bill Driskill, Otto Salamon. Photography Roland ‘Ozzie’ Smith. Music Lalo Schifrin. Editor J. Terry Williams, Robert M. Ross. Art Directors Richard Lawrence, Ross Bellah.

Cast Sam Groom (John Schroeder), Lauren Hutton (Lilah), Lane Binkley (JoAnn), T.J. McCavitt (Bradley), Robert Coote (Wellington), Murray Salem (Bodyguard), Leslie Nielsen (Counselor Barnes), Ray Walston (Frank Anders), George Hamilton (Alan Roberto), Dennis O’Flaherty (Pilot), Robert Emhardt (Senator), James Karen (Powerbroker), John Hillerman (Voice of IFR), Harlee McBride, Ron Roy, Lisle Wilson, Ernie Fuentes, John Yates, Gavin Mooney, Rawn Hutchinson, Paul Lawrence, James Scott Hess, John Davey, Anne Bellamy, Patience Cleveland, Natalie Core.

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