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The Intruders

james william dykstra edward

(NBC, 11/10/1970, 120 mins). This Western drama finds a town in crisis as the James/Younger gang rides in, and Don Murray, as the local marshal, having lost both his nerve and his skill with a pistol, is put to the test. Look for future star Harrison Ford in a small role. Originally this was to have been titled “Death Dance at Madelia.”

Production Company Universal Television. Director William A. Graham. Executive Producer Bert Granet. Producer James McAdams. Teleplay Dean Riesner. Based on a Story by William Douglas Lansford. Photography Ray Flin. Music Dave Grusin. Editor Howard Terrill. Art Director Loyd S. Papez.

Cast Don Murray (Sam Garrison), Anne Francis (Leora Garrison), Edmond O’Brien (Col. William Bodeen), John Saxon (Billy Pye), Gene Evans (Cole Younger), Edward Andrews (Elton Dykstra), Shelly Novack (Theron Pardo), Dean Stanton (Whit Dykstra), Stuart Margolin (Jesse James), Zalman King (Bob Younger), Phillip Alford (Harold Gilman), John Hoyt (Appleton), Harrison Ford (Carl), Marlene Tracy (Kate Guerrera), Ken Swofford (Pomerantz), Robert Donner (Roy Kirsh), Edward Faulkner (Bill Riley), James Gammon (Chaunce Dykstra), Len Wayland (George Ganzer), Gavin MacLeod (Warden), Mickey Sholdar, Kay E. Kuter, Ted Gehring, Robert P. Lieb, William Edward Phipps.

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